Peruvian Amazon


Pacaya Samiria Wildlife

June 2-10 2018

I hate insects, hot weather and humidity so the first time I visited the Pacaya Samiria I thought it would be a one time trip. This will be my third year visiting the Pacaya Samiria. Every time I go into the jungle there I don't want to leave, it is VERY nice and not at all what I expected.  

This is a unique chance to get as close to the wildlife of the Amazon as possible.  The massive Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is the largest protected area in the floodable Amazon rainforest.  To protect the amazing variety of wildlife it is only possible to visit with a registered guide.  The local people of Lagunas have organized a series of accommodation huts to attract tourists to the area.  Using local guides and paddling dugout canoes allows visitors the unique opportunity to explore untouched wilderness without the noise of motorized boats.  

This is definitely not a luxury cruise, while you are in the wilderness refuge the food and accommodation are basic, however you will be pleasantly surprised with the comfortable environment.  At the time of year we do trips temperatures are generally around 27°C(80°F).  Amazingly enough, insects, biting or otherwise, are not a problem.   Whether to swim or sunbath is the toughest decision you will have to make. Our local guides are at home with the animals here and your safety is guaranteed.

Eight Day itinerary

June 2 : Arrive Lima

I will meet you in Lima and transfer you to the hotel for a nights rest to help settle in after a long flight. Lima is a fascinating city and you will have a chance to enjoy the local sights and meet the other trip members. 

June 3 : Lima-Tarapoto - Yurimaguas(D)

Transfer to the domestic airport in Lima for the 1.5 hour flight to the high Amazon town of Tarapoto.  After a meal in a traditional restaurant we have a 2 hour van ride to Yurimaguas.  The drive to Yurimagas takes you from the mountainous high Amazon to the low Amazon rainforest.  The transition is dramatic as you drop down through steep canyons and jungle and get your first glimpse of the great Amazon basin.  We will stop at Las Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu for short walk to a beautiful waterfall and a swim.  You will have the afternoon to check out Yurimagas, this bustling river town is literally the end of the road and the town is alive with people and goods arriving and departing by river.  Have a swim in the pool as you get your last taste of luxury before heading into the Selva (jungle).

June 4 : Yurimaguas - Lagunas (B,L,D)

In the morning we board a “fast boat” for the 5 hour trip to the remote village of Lagunas. These long motorized vessels are the only way the local people received goods and transport.  It is a fascinating glimpse of river life as you pass isolated villages.  Lagunas is a small village with one paved road and electricity in the evening only. Accommodation Hostal Eco is basic but clean with a private bathroom in each room.  Don’t expect nightclubs and discos, but as night falls and the sounds and smells of the rainforest take over, you know you are not in Kansas anymore.

June 5 : Pacaya Samiria (B,L,D)

In the morning we meet our river guides and transfer to dugout canoes.  With two guides and two clients in each canoe there is plenty of room to relax and stretch out.  The boats are surprisingly stable and the guides are masters at maneuvering the craft through the jungle.  Using only paddles and no motors provides the best possible views wildlife viewing.  Paddling the on the slow moving, narrow stream in flooded rain forest is a unique experience and one you will never forget.  Don’t worry about seeing wildlife, there is something around every bend.  In the afternoon we arrive a Gloria, a large bungalow on stilts and our accommodation for the night.

June 6 : Pacaya Samiria (B,L,D)

Things move slow in the Amazon and after a relaxing breakfast we push further into the reserve.  You can expect the unexpected with monkeys providing the soundtrack.  Otters and comic looking sloths are your constant companions.   Evening brings a new bungalow on stilts with a beautiful pool for swimming and a hammock to relax in.

June 7 : Pacaya Samiria (B,L,D)

Just when you think you have seen it all you discover pink river dophins and paiche, an air breathing fish that grows up to 3 meters long! The guides do a night time excursion to show you snakes and crocodiles, not nearly as scary as it sounds!

June 8 : Pacaya Samiria (B,L,D)

With the sounds of Howler Moneys ringing in your ears today we go for a walk where the countless species of giant trees go forever. Egrets, ducks, tucans, taricaya (turtles), macaws and majestic paiches.  Squirrel monkeys, brown moneys, black monkeys, and Yellow Tailed Wooly Monkeys…..overnight in Cabana on stilts.

June 9 : Pacaya Samiria - Lagunas (B,L,D)

Today is a combination of paddling and a walking tour of the reserve, discover medicinal plants and animals living deeper into the jungle. At the end of the day we return to Lagunas and Hostal Eco

June 10 : Lagunas - Yurimaguas-Tarapoto - Lima(B,L,D)

 Departure at 5am to Yurimaguas fast boat. Arrival at 11.30am in Yurimaguas. Transfer to Tarapoto and flight to Lima.


Not included: - Hotel and meals in Lima. Personal expenses Gratuities. – Insurance – Flight to and from Tarapoto for clients.  Note, internal flight usually included free with international flights with LAN.