Yearly July-early September

I have been heliskiing the mountains of the South Island for over 30 years. Because the mountains of New Zealand are so inaccessible the only way to get into the high mountains is by helicopter.  In cooperation with Harris Mountains Heliskiing we have access to a massive amount of ski terrain.  I will sit down with you and plan each day to take advantage of the best snow and weather.  If conditions are not favourable there will be no charge.  Prices start at $990NZD per person.  Get a group of 4 or more and you can charter your own private helicopter!

The Southern Alps are unique, the combination of high mountains and lots of rain make these mountains a natural snow making machine.    


Heliskiing works like this

  • Confirmation
    Early in the morning we check the weather, then we contact you to confirm the heliski trip is on, and to set a pickup time.
  • Pick-up
    We pick you up at your accommodation and drive you to the staging area, where you're introduced to your pilot, guide and fellow heliskiers.
  • Safety briefing & first heliski
    A safety briefing is given covering avalanche transceivers, helicopter and mountain safety. Then you fly off to the day's first heliski run.
  • Alpine lunch
    All heliski groups meet together for an alpine buffet lunch and some downtime to relax and talk about the morning's action.
  • More heliski runs!
    After that, it's back to the ultimate ski experience - more heliski runs to finish off your perfect day in the mountains.


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