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Norway, Senja Island  

You know how some places are so spectacular you have a hard time believing what you are seeing?

Located 800km above the arctic circle the latitude means that the snow here is a skiers dream.  These latitudes in the southern hemisphere would be in antarctica.  The usual rules of how sun affects snow don't apply here where the snow remains light and dry.  No worries about a bad snow year here where deep snow is the norm, not the exception.


Italy,  Haute Route Ski Tour

It looks like the Italian Job is on! This trip has always been a favourite of mine. Always such a good crew of people together. It is a long ways away and things can change but if you don’t make good plans then good things don’t happen.....

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Amazon Jungle, Peru

This is a unique chance to get as close to the wildlife of the Amazon as possible. The massive Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is the largest protected area in the floodable Amazon rainforest.....


Heli-skiing, New Zealand

I have been heliskiing the mountains of the South Island for over 20 years. Because the mountains of New Zealand are so inaccessible the only way to get into the high mountains is by helicopter...

Indian Himalaya,  Zanskar Trekking/Rafting

If you are keen on Himalayan trekking this is the chance of a lifetime.  I visited Zanskar the winter of 2017 and was lucky enough to hook up with Lobsang to handle my local logistics.  We instantly hit it off, his organization and friendly manner made our trip perfect....


New Zealand - Ski Touring

New Zealand ski touring is like no where else in the world.  Where the Pacific Ocean joins the Southern Ocean there is a spine of mountains rising out of the sea.  The South Island of New Zealand strains the precipitation from the north and mixes it with antarctic air of the south.


China, Altay Mountains

You want exotic? You want powder? Hands down my choice for the most culturally interesting ski experience. The Tuvan and Kazak people found this alpine paradise and invented skiing.